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Former VBW announcer Dick Frickenheiser has been around the ring for years and offers his opinions on the all the happenings in the VBW. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some Dick.
Hangin' With Dick Frickenheiser

February 28, 2014

Hello and welcome to Hangin' with Dick Frickenheiser! I AM your host, and it's so great to be here today! I'm not going to be the same laid-back guy you may remember from when I did commentating with the VBW back in the day. Oh no, I am gonna give you my full opinion! After all what good is a commentary piece on the Internet without a harsh does of reality! Plus my ex wife loved the VBW and she slept with another man, so I am just ramped up in general for a number of reasons!

First thing's first: I am totally PUMPED for the return of the VBW! I don't live in the Vancouver area anymore but do keep in touch with some of the guys. Now, who will be on the roster? I have no idea. You see, I'm a bit of an insider due to my connections, but alas I don't know it all. Here are some names I hope to see on any reunion shows or come backs or whatever you wanna call it:

1. The G.O.A.T. James Blade - This guy is entertainment. I have always been a sucker for the "bad guy" so I am biased, but GOAT has accomplished more in the VBW than anyone else for a reason. And judging by the fact that there's a video of him recently shooting off about a return to VBW, I'd say it's 100% he'll be back, baby!

2. The Architecht - Guy's money on the mic and in the ring. Canadian champion of the past and I bet he wants his title back, but is he anywhere to be found?? I have no idea but I have a feeling he's gonna be in the picture since he was there from day 1.

3. Calamity - Where the hell has he been? He lost the title on Warfare and then boom! Gone! No mention or sign of him that I know of, but if the VBW can pull this one off, then I am gonna be one happy dude.

4. Raptus - VBW needs some character and this polish motherf*cker has it in spades! He was a part of the OTB and former hardcore champion and they've gotta get him back in some way shape or form and that's all I gotta say 'bout that!

5. Eddie Allen - Ok so he's not a returning wrestler, but he's new and his video was hilarious! Gimme more "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen doing what he does, 11 seconds isn't enough! That's what my damn ex wife said too!

So there's my top 5 guys I wanna see. I could easily put others in here too like Cage, Wigga T, Dempey, Trez. Oh and Pest! One of the best VBW videos posted was of this guy recently and he's got mad abilities, so lets get Pest in here! Can I re-do my top 5? Ah well, that's it for me today I'm Dick Frickenheiser and I'm out!

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