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Gary Goodyear is an informed fan who has years of wrestling knowledge under his belt. He is a long-time viewer of the VBW and all types of pro and backyard wrestling in general.
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June 8, 2014
The Ones To Watch: Part 2

So, we are back in action. First allow me to offer an apology regarding my lack of attentiveness in regards to the “Inside Scoop”. These last few weeks have been very busy for me and it’s been difficult to find the time to sit and really enjoy a good write. Never the less, I am back and so is the VBW.

On the last “Scoop” I was talking about the ones to watch. The VBW competitors I thought would make the most impact upon the promotions return. I’ll start by saying that it looks like I was on the right track with Mike Dempsey, he has certainly caught my attention after episode #1. Mike Dempsey vs Mini G was the perfect match to open the first warfare in 10 years. With Dempsey’s technical prowess and the high impact style of Mini G, the match had gold written all over it. Dempsey solidified himself as being a dangerous competitor who I’m expecting will be a part of the Canadian Title tourney that T-Bone was talking about. Expect to see a lot more celebrating out of Mike Dempsey.

Christopher Blaze

Now I like to read between the lines and I have a firm belief that I see things other wrestling fans do not. Watching Eddie Allen pick apart “The Architect” on warfare only to fall victim to a rookie mistake was a textbook ending to a match where the more experienced competitor clearly outclassed his opponent. The message of the finish was clear, Christopher Blaze is going to be a player this season. He’s resilient, in great shape and frankly the most composed fan favorite showcased on the event. Although Eddie Allen posed a serious threat, Blaze was able to shrug off an impressive assault and pick up a schoolboy victory, while seemly laughing his way to a backstage celebration.

Blaze, who trained professionally out of Vancouver Canada with ASW’s Michelle Starr, Vance Nevada and ECCW’s Scotty Mac, is no slouch. With well over 150 matches under his belt he has a formidable resume heading into a match with just about anyone on the active VBW roster. As the most recently active wrestler in the VBW, Blaze is also among the most razor sharp and prepared for a VBW return. Between Blaze, Dempsey and Blade, you’re looking at the top guys in the fed. It’s yet to be seen if Eric Cage still has the flare he had when we left off at Bragging Rights 2003. Or what Jimmy Dean will do after his decisive lost on episode 1. I would like to see Blaze, Dempsey and Blade or some combination there of collide at some point this season. Blaze vs Blade would have some nostalgia as these two were former stable mates and best friends, yet had a falling out near the end of VBW season 2. Now that Blaze is clearly a face and Blade has reclaimed the VBW World Championship, we could see these two clash over the coveted title. That could be a legitimate threat to Blade’s title reign.

March 20, 2014
The Ones To Watch: Part 1

With the VBW return just around the corner and various sources hyping the big comeback, I thought it would be a bloody good idea to tune some of my focus on the gentlemen who will be stepping into the ring to entertain us this summer. You’ve read the VBW history and you’ve watched the previous seasons of Wednesday Warfare and now you’re wondering who has the best odds heading into Summer Series 2014. After a decade much can change. 10 years is a long time and one can find the landscape to be unfamiliar and unforgiving. We are in fact talking about a 16x16 steel frame wrestling ring here. So when they que the spotlights and the fans pour into the VBW arena, who will be ready to answer the call?

Its not unreasonable to assume that after so much time, we can expect to see a bit of rust. And I’m not talking about on the ring. So its also same to assume, we really don’t know what to expect for the roster . Jumping back into fight mode after close to an eighth of your life has passed, is no easy feat. In this three part series entitled “The one’s to watch” I’ll be exploring my opinions on the top picks in the World, Canadian and Hardcore title dividions. As well as discussing any new information on the VBW that I have been able to scrape up in the last week. So here we go.

Mike Dempsey

Forget everything you know about your conventional wrestler. Mike Dempsey breaks all the rules. Dempsey a VBW vetran has been featured on nearly all VBW episodes. He participated in the very first VBW match ever aired, and is the first ever VBW Canadian Champion. For classic fans of the show, Dempsey has always been a hard personality to read. Quiet and reserved, its not always about what Mike Dempsey says as much as what Mike Dempsey does. He has gone head to head with the best VBW has to offer and he has come out of every match, a better fighter. Dempsey’s moveset is relentless. A mix of quick strikes and strong grappling techniques coupled by a reactive defense that is second to none in the federation. Dempsey can turn your own momentum against you in a moments notice. I consider him to be the mopst dangerous competitor on the current roster and here’s why.

  • Dempsey has competed at the highest level of the VBW since its incursion in 2001. He is a former Canadian champion and has battled the likes of Wigga T, Raptus, James Blade and Chris Blaze.

  • Dempsey continued to hone his wrestling abilities for most of the duration of the VBW’s 10 year hiatus. Fighting primarily out of the Pacific Northwest, Dempsey appeared for a variety of pro wrestling promotions and found championship success in both singles and tag team divisions.

To claim that Mike Dempsey is a favorite this summer, is the understatment of the year. He quite simply is the one I’m putting my money on. For those of you that may scoff at that prediction, well, stats don’t lie and Dempsey has all the tools of the “Man” and a track record to back it up. Expect to see Dempsey trying his hand in the Canadian and World title divisions. And expect success.

When it comes to ability, VBW has a well of talent. But at the end of the day when you put the puzzle together you need every piece to make it complete. Strength, speed, technique, determination and experience are just of few corner pieces Mike has together now. And although the other pieces may be scrambled after such a long break, believe that Mike Dempsey has every single one. If he can find a way to make them click and put the puzzle together, there are going to be a lot of guys on the active roster who wished they never came back.

March 10, 2014

When I first started watching VBW (over a decade ago) one of the major draws I had to the production was the effort that was put into character development and storylines. Now remember that when VBW started dropping shows in 2000-2001, the internet was a mere shell of its current self. There was no Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo or the plethora of other sharing and networking services that we see in todays social media. There was just the vbwonline.com website. Establishing the fact that it was bloody well near impossible to advertise effectively, VBW was left in the tricky predicament of having to earn fans, the hard way.

Now keep in mind that when exploring your valid options for backyard wrestling in 2001, your choices were limited. At the time there were only two major players in the backyard wrestling world, VBW and Mississauga Ontario based BYWF (Backyard Wrestling Federation). Weighing the options was not hard, the promotions, similar in many ways, had distinct and noticeable differences. Each holding an advantage over the other and offering something conventional backyard wrestling fans wanted to see. BYWF was your typical run of the mill wrestle anywhere, anytime on just about any surface known to man. The average BYWF episode was taped out of a random backyard, on the grass, rain, shine or snow. The BYWF was most known for its intriguing characters and comedic aspects. Gimmicks such as Captain Obvious, Dylan Foxxx, Bambino and Ticks kept fans coming back for more on a consistent basis. Due to lower end production and the ability to wrestle at any given time allowed the BYWF crew to keep up with weekly shows. And while you would never expect anything to fancy from the production team, BYWF delivered on its story development every time.

VBW was the second known BYW promotion to begin posting streaming shows. Although the roots of VBW (CWA and EBW) featured crews wrestling on mattresses in bedrooms or outside on the grass or tarp and it wasn’t until early 2001 when the VBW was formed and began filming events for internet broadcast. Warfare episodes began hitting the VBW website later that year and it would be under whelming to say the VBW made a huge impact. Instantly VBW was a hit. In 2001 with such a small avenue for advertising and spreading the word, VBW relied upon the few views who began to follow and watched as the audience grew to a substantial amount. It wasn’t uncommon for there to be a war of words as such, between the two active wrestling federations. Many fans believed that VBW had a leg up with their homemade wrestling ring, brilliant video editing and flushed out story. One drawback was due to the nature of the VBW ring, shows could only be filmed in the proper conditions or when a location was available for the ring. This ended up being the biggest vice to the VBW.

Now it's 2014 and both crews from the BYWF and VBW have for all intensive purposes wrapped up. BYWF stopped filming shows in 2007 and VBW had cleaned up just a couple years earlier. Although many attempts were made over the course of those years to restore VBW to activity, the stresses and realities of the real world prevented any legitimate comeback. It was announced in February 2014 that VBW was attempting a new series and that episodes would be airing during the summer. The new “season” entitled Summer Series would feature many of the VBW stars of past and the likelihood of introducing some new faces to the mix.

Why am I so intrigued with a VBW return? I’m interested, plain and simple. Interested in a few different aspects of the return. For starters, many fans of the promotion believe that if VBW was broadcasting shows with the aid of services like Facebook or Youtube, they would be some of the most recognizable faces on YouTube. The warfare episodes were above average and borderline untouchable at the time. Now, years later, several other backyard wrestling promotions dominate the YouTube scene with VBW nowhere on the map. But not for long. If there is one thing the VBW crew was good at, it was delivering a quality show with a bundle of entertainment value. Looking over the current selection of BYW shows available YouTube left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Most unfinished, unedited or simply under developed. Most of which pushing 1 million views or more. This leaves me even more excited for a VBW return. If the crew can get back into a groove and start even a healthy limited production, backyard wrestling fans could be in for a treat.

With most of the older VBW content available to view direct from this website, new fans can go back and watch as the cast develop over the years, getting a good idea of the characters and storylines before they jump into the new content currently under development. If VBW can make a successful comeback and add onto their current run of episodes, it may become the longest running backyard promotion producing shows for the internet. One thing is for certain, with a VBW return seemingly on the horizon, you don’t want to be behind when VBW begins airing again this summer.

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