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Hardcore Title

The Hardcore title was first introduced in a gauntlet match on a special episode of Wednesday Warfare filmed in a local city park on November 7, 2001. It was vacated by Raptus in the opening segment of Wednesday Warfare on Aug 13, 2003.

Current Champion: Vacant

ChampionDate WonOpponent(s) DefeatedAdditional Notes
RaptusJuly 9, 2003Jimmy DeanDefeated Jimmy Dean and others in a 5-way hardcore match.
Jimmy DeanDec 19, 2001Wigga TDefeated Wigga T in a re-match on Wednesday Warfare.
Wigga TNov 21, 2001Jimmy DeanDefeated Jimmy Dean on Wednesday Warfare.
Jimmy DeanNov 7, 2001VariousWon title in his VBW debut in a hardcore gauntlet match on Warfare.

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