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April 11, 2016    Season 3 Awards Show now available
 It's the rainy off-season here in Vancouver, but that didn't stop us from getting the group together to celebrate the year that was!

June 2, 2015    Yardstock is here!
 The biggest show in Backyard Wrestling is here, and it delivers all the goods! Watch history unfold with four epic matches plus the HOF inductation.

April 28, 2015    Another Huge Edition of Warfare!
 The ninth episode, and final Warfare before Yardstock, has finally arrived! Many big matches and moments are here as we head towards the biggest show in VBW history.

October 26, 2014    It's The Last Sunday Sacrifice of the Season!
 Sunday Sacrifice comes to you this month with two huge matches including Kaden Talbain vs Jimmy Dean, Eddie Allen vs Eric Cage, and much, much more!

October 1, 2014    New Wednesday Warfare is here!
 Three huge matches highlight this episode of Warfare as we head nearer and nearer to Yardstock.

September 26, 2014    VBW Up-To-Date: "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen
 A new 6-minute feature video profiling Eddie Allen's story so far in the VBW.

September 7, 2014    An All-New Sunday Sacrifice has arrived!
 44-minutes of non-stop action, including three huge matches, make this the biggest and best Sunday Sacrifice to date!

August 23, 2014    Roster Pages Updated
 The roster bio pages have been re-designed, with many new pages added and over 200 photos added over all of the bios.

July 2, 2014    New Episode of Wednesday Warfare is here!
 Season 3 continues to roll along with another all-new episode of Wednesday Warfare!

June 25, 2014    All-New Wednesday Warfare Coming on July 2!
 Set your calendars and get ready because one of the biggest episodes of Warfare in VBW history is on its way!

June 10, 2014    Sunday Sacrifice Airs This Sunday, June 15!
 The first episode of VBW Sunday Sacrifice will hit VBWOnline.com and YouTube on June 15.

June 8, 2014    Column Update: The Inside Scoop
 Gary Goodyear has written a new column entry, profiling 'The Architect' Christopher Blaze" in his Ones To Watch series.

June 5, 2014    Sunday Sacrifice Announced As Second Show!
 The VBW has announced that a second show will alternate releases with Wednesday Warfare.

May 21, 2014    Warfare Hits The Web on May 28!
 The wait is over! Our fully-edited show, Wednesday Warfare, will hit the web here on VBWOnline.com on Wednesday, May 28!

April 19, 2014    Top Five Feuds in VBW History: Number 1
 We have arrived at number one in our countdown of the top five feuds in VBW history! As you may have guessed, the top spot belongs to none other than James Blade versus Eric Cage!

April 10, 2014    Top Five Feuds in VBW History: Number 2
 We're down to just two! And at number two, we have a doozie. We're going back to the early days of the VBW with Wigga T vs Mike Dempsey.

March 31, 2014    New Warfare Intro Video Revealed!
 The first new in-ring VBW footage in over 10 years has been released! Check out the new intro that will air on Wednesday Warfare episodes this summer!

March 27, 2014    Top Five Feuds in VBW History: Number 3
 We now enter the top 3 in our countdown of the top 5 feuds in VBW history. And at number three, it's Mike Dempsey versus James Blade.

March 25, 2014    An Interview With 'The Dream' Jimmy Dean
 VBWOnline.com has an exclusive new interview with former Hardcore and Canadian champion, 'The Dream' Jimmy Dean!

March 21, 2014    Video: Commentator's Corner With Guest Eric Cage
 T-Bone is back with a special edition of Commentator's Corner! His guest this time is none other than 'The Undeniable One' Eric Cage.

March 21, 2014    New Bio Page: Mercury
 Fans will remember Mercury from the last few episodes of Warfare in 2003, and will surely not forget him this summer when he looks to make a big impact on the VBW.

March 20, 2014    Column Posted: The Inside Scoop
 Gary Goodyear is back with another edition of The Inside Scoop! This is the first in a new series called 'The Ones To Watch', which will give an in-depth look at a wrestler in the VBW.

March 19, 2014    Top Five Feuds in VBW History: Number 4
 Next up in our countdown of the top five feuds in VBW history is an inter-promotional whopper: VBW vs. OTB vs. VCW!

March 18, 2014    Video: Mike Dempsey Speaks About VBW's Return
 Former fan favorite 'Mean Streak' Mike Dempsey shares his thoughts on the VBW being back in operation this summer.

March 17, 2014    Video: Jimmy Dean Bumps Into Wigga T
 Cameras caught Wigga T at the laundromat, when in comes his old rival and fan favorite, 'The Dream' Jimmy Dean.

March 16, 2014    Video: James Blade Speaks His Mind
 Recently, "The GOAT" James Blade let VBWOnline.com know some more of his thoughts on the upcoming VBW return that's been almost 11 years in the making.

March 15, 2014    Top Five Feuds in VBW History: Number 5
 In a new series of articles, we take a look at the top five feuds and rivalries in VBW history. We start things off with Trez versus Raptus at number 5!

March 14, 2014    Video: Eddie Allen Searches For Hobo Joe
 "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen is now searching for Hobo Joe, who's rumored to have the old VBW Hardcore title in his possession!

March 10, 2014    New Column: The Inside Scoop
 Gary Goodyear is a knowledgable fan of all types of wrestling with a focus here on backyard wrestling. Here he'll give his opinions on the VBW and other backyard feds.

Feb 25, 2014    Video: PesT speaks about his involvement in a VBW comeback!
 Former EBW Undisputed Champion and member of the OTB, PesT, speaks about those rumors and what his involvement (if any) will be.

Feb 23, 2014    Video: The GOAT James Blade on the 2014 VBW return!
 The G.O.A.T. James Blade has his say on the VBW's rumored upcoming 2014 return.

Feb 23, 2014    Video: First look at "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen
 This mysterious man is a new face on the VBW roster, and now it's time for Eddie Allen to say what's on his mind.

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