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An Interview With Jimmy Dean

Posted on: March 25, 2014

Recently, Jimmy Dean took the time from his schedule to sit down and give this exclusive interview, where 'The Dream' talks about his life outside wrestling, past and future rivalries, and more! Here is the interview in its entirety, exclusively here at VBWOnline.com:

VBWOnline.com: Jimmy Dean, thanks for joining us here today. We had some requests for interviews and you'll be the first, the fans are wanting to hear from 'The Dream' himself! What have you been up to all these years? Have you had any wrestling matches since the VBW last went off the air?

Jimmy Dean: Well first of all, I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who stuck with Jimmy Dean through-out the years that VBW went off the air. Your support definitely made it an easy decision to come back. As for what I've been up to these off years, just building my career and my family I suppose. I'm expecting my first child, a daughter, here in a couple months at the end of May. As for wrestling, I had a few matches with my old rival James Blade after VBW went off the air, and tried my hand at getting trained professionally, but didn't really like the politics that can be associated with professional organizations.

VBWOnline.com: When VBW officials first told you that they were "getting the band back together" so to speak...what were your first thoughts?

Jimmy Dean: I gotta say, I was excited. Really excited. When I got the call asking me if I wanted to be involved, I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I've always felt that ten years ago the VBW was an innovator in backyard entertainment, and now that we're all a little older, a little bit more mature the product that we're going to produce is going to knock some socks off so to speak. But honestly, my first thoughts were "finally an excuse to get my lard-ass in shape!" (laughs)

VBWOnline.com: At Bragging Rights you won the Canadian title. Any plans to go after gold again?

Jimmy Dean: Bragging Rights was an amazing night. One of the biggest highlights of my career was defeating Daniel Makabe for the Canadian Title. In fact, now that I come to think of it, I never was defeated for the title, but I was told that all the titles would be vacated upon the re-institution of VBW and I'm fine with that. But definitely I'd like throw my name into the World title hunt, and who knows? You might just see some gold around the waist of 'The Dream' in the near future...

VBWOnline.com: We all saw that you want one last match from Wigga T, who's now retired due to sports injuries. Why the challenge?

Jimmy Dean: Honestly, I just feel like there's some unfinished business between me and 'White Chocolate'. I feel like we need a closure to our rivalry, and I think it's pathetic that he's hiding behind these so-called 'sports injuries'. So I'm gonna take this opportunity in this interview to call him out and challenge him again. Wigga T, I don't buy these so-called 'injuries' of yours, and I think the real reason you're on the fence is that you're scared of the creamiest, steamiest and dreamiest performer the VBW has ever had, and if you want to prove me wrong, then show up at the Summer Series and step into the ring with me one more time you coward. But know this; if you do, you're going to be in for the beating of your life so be ready, punk because I know I am.

VBWOnline.com: Besides Wigga T, who do you have an eye on as far as opponents to look out for are concerned?

Jimmy Dean: Well there's a lot of great competitors in the VBW. Always has been. I've always had to keep an eye on guys like James Blade, Christopher Blaze, Big Mofo Rob and the such. I've noticed that my old pal Mike Dempsey has had a bit of a change in attitude as well recently. But really every competitor is someone to look out for as far as I'm concerned. In the VBW, trust isn't given lightly and you really have to keep your head on a swivel.

VBWOnline.com: Have you had a chance to see the new VBW ring and location? How does it compare to what VBW fans are used to seeing?

Jimmy Dean: I've got to say, the new ring and location are one of the things I'm most excited about in this new VBW venture. One of the biggest problems the VBW ALWAYS had in the past was that we never had a secure location or ownership of the ring that we were using and it led to countless production issues and the eventual cancellation of the promotion. Now ten long years later, I'm proud to say that the VBW brass has solved both those problems and has it's own ring that can be used at anytime and a location that we're guaranteed to be able to use for years to come. As far as how it compares to our last location, there's really no comparison, it's like night and day, and longtime VBW fans are definitely in for a treat.

VBWOnline.com: 'Ice Cold' Eddie Allen seems like an interesting character who has his sights set on the hardcore division. Any chance you two could end up fighting over the old hardcore title that you once held?

Jimmy Dean: First I'd like to say I think Eddie Allen is a great addition to the VBW, and it's guys like him that make the this promotion such an interesting product to watch. I think his search for Hobo Joe is a great idea and I really hope he finds him. But the Hardcore division isn't like anything else in the VBW and speaking as a two time champion you have to have nuts of steel to go after that belt. Could our paths cross eventually over the Hardcore title? Hey, never say never in the VBW... (winks)

VBWOnline.com: What do you think the future holds for the VBW in general?

Jimmy Dean: I think at this point, the future of the VBW is brighter than it ever has been. I think it's great that the brass has really addressed the issues that hindered us in the past, and we're going to see some really great stuff come out this summer. Everyone's a littler older, a little wiser, little more mature and I think you're really going to see in in the product that comes out this summer. Everyday the VBW is getting new fans, old fans are coming back, and the phones in the offices are ringing off the hook with old and new faces wanting to be involved again. So I'll say this; stay tuned folks 'cause you're in for one wild ride.

VBWOnline.com: Thanks for taking the time to speak to us today Jimmy Dean! Any last words?

Everyone, keeps your eyes peeled to our new re-vamped website, www.vbwonline.com as new things are happening every single day. I'm as excited as I've ever been for the resurrection of the VBW and this summer is going to off the hook. As for Jimmy Dean, you can expect exciting entertainment every time I step foot in that ring, and who knows? There might just be a little gold in my future....
Stay classy Dreamers!!

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