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2001 - 2003 News Archive

While some old articles have been lost in time, many are now available below to be viewed. These articles are unedited and exactly as they appeared online on their original post dates.

September 12, 2003    New Bragging Rights Air Date
 Due to filming and editing time constraints, VBW has pushed back the date that Bragging Rights will air online.

September 1, 2003    Christopher Blaze Released
 Earlier today it was announced that the VBW and Christopher Blaze have cut their ties. Blaze had been out of action as of late due to conflicting schedules.

August 30, 2003    An Old Face Returns
 Recently on Warfare we saw PesT return to action. VBWOnline recently caught up with the former EBW Champion for an interview.

August 28, 2003    Full Preview of Bragging Rights
 Lots of information on what can be expected at the upcoming PPV supershow, Bragging Rights

August 11, 2003    Bragging Rights: Two Matches Announced
 With the next PPV recently announced, we have now confirmed two matches that will go down at Bragging Rights.

August 1, 2003    Bragging Rights PPV Announced
 VBW announces Bragging Rights, the fourth PPV in the promotion's history!

March 18, 2003    A Look at the New VBW Roster
 There is no doubt that the current roster of the VBW is quite different than last year around the time of Backyard Baron. Let's take a look at the newcomers.

March 13, 2003    An Interview with Scott Henson
 VBWOnline.com interviews one of the newest members of the roster, Scott Henson from the VCW.

March 10, 2003    VBW Announces Clash of the Titans PPV
 In what many backstage are calling "the PPV the fans want to see," the VBW announced earlier today that the return show would be the most anticipated PPV yet to date, The Clash Of The Titans.

January 25, 2002    A Blackout Looms...
 Friday, Febuary 15th. Mark that day in your calendar, as that is the day the VBW reaches a milestone. This federation knows how to raise the bar, and Blackout will be no exception.

January 15, 2002    A New Era Begins
 The federation has a new champion in "The GOAT" James Blade, after his submission victory over Calamity on January 5.

December 27, 2001    Re-Match of the Year?
 James Blade, following his loss to Calamity for the VBW Championship, issued a re-match challenge after Warfare on Dec 19, and Calamity accepted to nobody's surprise.

December 11, 2001    OTB Stronger Than Ever
 Their name stands for Only The Best, and lately the trio is proving that they are definitely that.

December 8, 2001    Match of the Year?
 On Warfare this past week, we saw The Architect Chris Blaze challenge newcomer Mini-G, and boy did the two deliver.

November 25, 2001    White Chocolate Wins Gold Title
 On Warfare this week we saw a few new faces, and even one new champion, as the hardcore championship changed hands.

October 30, 2001    Calamity Wins VBW Championship!
 Fresh off of Ground Zero, the VBW has a new face of the franchise in Calamity!

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