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Top 5 Feuds in VBW History

Posted on: April 19, 2014

#1. James Blade vs. Eric Cage

Well here we are, after counting down from number five to number two, we have arrived at the number one feud in VBW history. And at number one it's a long and storied journey of two men who have constantly met at the top, almost by fate, and will no doubt do so again. At number one, it's James Blade versus Eric Cage.

The two first faced off in a VBW ring back on September 26, 2001 when Eric Cage challenged the OTB in a tag team match with Trez as his tag partner. That didn't end well for the good guys, after being outnumbered during the main event match. On the following episode of Warfare, Eric Cage spoke out about his disgust at the OTB (led by 'The G.O.A.T' James Blade) and their cheating ways.

Later on in the show, the two have their first one-on-one match in the main event of Warfare. After a back and forth match that sees both competitors land their finishers, The G.O.A.T. scores a victory once again with help from an OTB member (PesT).

Closing out the show, we see James Blade ready to leave the VBW arena when he's confronted by 'The Undeniable One' Eric Cage. Cage challenges Blade to a match at Ground Zero, and it is accepted!

At the Ground Zero Supercard, these two put on a match that was once again one of the best seen in the VBW to that point. They hit multiple finishers, and after a high-paced bout that featured three 'Overrun' finishers by Cage in a row, 'The Undeniable' One scored the victory.

Following Ground Zero, Eric Cage would not be seen in a VBW ring for some time. Fan speculation and rumors ran wild as people wondered just where the fan favorite had gone? Several shows went by, and James Blade went on to defeat Calamity for the VBW Championship.

In 2002 the VBW went through an 11-month hiatus as technical difficulties put the promotion on a temporary hold. Then, on April 1, 2003, the VBW returned with a Supercard title 'Clash of the Titans' which featured a 15-man battle royal and James Blade defending his VBW Championship in the main event. At the event, Blade issued an open challenge for his title. And who would come through that curtain, but none other than Eric Cage returning in epic fashion! The two had it out in the ring, and then later on in the main event put on a great match that once again set the bar higher for the VBW. In the end, 'The G.O.A.T' James Blade scored the victory to remain VBW Champion. The victory for blade evened the Supercard wins for each wrestler at one a piece, and made them the only two VBW stars to have two one-on-one matches at major VBW supercards.

These two VBW competitors would go on to have encounters throughout the rest of 2003, as Cage would be the captain of 'Team VBW' who would take on the OTB during the final shows of the VBW's vintage era. Clearly, Cage and Blade will forever be on paths that lead to one another at the top of the VBW roster, and we likely haven't seen the final chapter in this epic storyline that has spanned over a decade already.

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