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Top 5 Feuds in VBW History

Posted on: April 10, 2014

#2. Wigga T vs. Mike Dempsey

The second feud in our top five feuds in VBW history is here, and it goes all the way back to the early days and up to Ground Zero. At number two, it's Wigga T versus Mike Dempsey.

On the second ever episode of Wednesday Warfare, then-Canadian Champion Mike Dempsey took on Wigga T in a spirited match with the title on the line. Little did Dempsey know, that his victory that day via the Dempsey Death Lock would not be the last he would see of "White Chocolate."

On the following Wednesday Warfare, Wigga T made his way to the ring, bashed the home viewers and called out Dempsey. After some strong words by the challenger, Dempsey said he would accept a match for that night, but it would be a hardcore rules match!

This non-title match made history as the first ever hardcore rules match in the VBW. The action easily surpassed their first contest, as everything from 2x4's to cookie pans to even a slurpee were used as weapons. Eventually, Wigga T reversed a move with Dempsey using the ring steps, and pinned the Canadian champion underneath to score a surprise victory!

Following this, Wigga T was chased outside of the arena to where he was seen ariving earlier in the day in his "pimpmobile." Suddenly, Wigga T re-appeared and blindsided Dempsey, threw him under his car tires, and ran him over! Dempsey was left on the side of the road as Wigga T screached off!

Dempsey would go on to be the special guest referee in a match between Calamity and Wigga T, coming out on crutches and making sure that White Chocolate got what was coming to him! Shortly after, with the VBW's first supercard, Ground Zero, on the horizon, it was announced that these two would battle it out once again in a no rules "street fight" match at Ground Zero with the title on the line! A clip package of the feud until that point was shown on an episode of Warfare, detailing the rivaly and the upcoming bout.

At Ground Zero, the tension for these two competitors came to a boil, as they faught all over the yard in a match that stands as a VBW classic. Several memorable moments came from this contest, including the cookie pan shot seen on the opening video for the Commentator's Corner segment. Wigga T landed a DDT to a steel chair and almost had the title won with a boston crab, but in the end it was Dempsey who retained, once again using the Dempsey Death Lock to score the victory as both men collapsed and the music hit. It was at that point that the Canadian title history got a new entry into its story, as Stryfe appeared and was granted a match, which he won to become the new Canadian champion.

Wigga T and Dempsey would meet again, mostly in backstage segments on Warfare, but it was clear from that point on that both men had grown as both competitors and rivals. Wigga T would go on to win the hardcore title, using his experience in this feud to launch himself into that division. Dempsey would go on to challenge for the VBW Championship, a goal which he still chases to this day. Nevertheless, the feud of Wigga T vs Mike Dempsey stands as one of the greatest in VBW history, and for those reasons it is your number two on our list.

Stay tuned for number one! Who will it be? There are still so many to choose from, and we welcome all our viewers to comment on the message board or facebook page as to just what feud will be named as the biggest in VBW history.

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