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Top 5 Feuds in VBW History

Posted on: March 27, 2014

#3. Mike Dempsey vs. James Blade

The number three fued in our VBWOnline.com exclusive countdown of the top 5 feuds in VBW history continues with a personal rivaly that culminated in a main event match at arguably the VBW's best Supercard to date. At number three, it's Mike Dempsey versus 'The G.O.A.T' James Blade.

Following Ground Zero in the summer of 2001, James Blade had his sights set on the VBW Championship, which was then held by Calamity. But before he could get that shot, he had to go through Mike Dempsey first. An an episode of Warfare, the two squared off in the main event in a heated battle that spilled to the outside and saw both competitors pull out all the stops. The G.O.A.T landed a switchblade, while Dempsey got Blade locked into the Dempsey Death Lock. Eventually with the ref knocked out, Christopher Blaze came down to seemingly help Dempsey, only to turn and hit the former Canadian champion with the Final Product! Blaze joined the OTB, and James Blade got the tainted victory.

The following Warfare, Dempsey and Calamity would team up to take on James Blade and Big Mofo Rob in tag team action! Calamity and Dempsey scored the victory, adding fuel to the fire already burning fire within James Blade during his quest for the VBW Championship.

The G.O.A.T would go on win the VBW Championship from Calamity on Wednesday Warfare in January of 2002. That Spring, Dempsey made a challenge backstage to contend for the VBW Championship at the upcoming Backyard Baron supercard. GOAT declined and wanted no part of it. Later in the show, Dempsey had Dallas Kline in the Dempsey Death Lock and all but finished, when Blade came down and cracked him with a huge chair shot from behind! The following week on Sunday Sacrifice, James Blade was punishing newcomer T-Mac in the ring and couldn't be stopped. After several bells, and countless attempts to break the VBW Champion off his rookie opponent, Dempsey came in with the save and took GOAT down! Dempsey declared that he will face James Blade at Backyard Baron! Later, James Blade was seen leaving the VBW arena and said he had a plan for Dempsey.

At Backyard Baron, the VBW took things to a new level, and the main event featured Mike Dempsey challenging James Blade for the VBW Championship. It all came down to this moment for these two competitors, and the two didn't disappoint. After an epic battle for the ultimate prize, Blade nearly had Dempsey beat following a chairshot and a switchblade. When Dempsey got his foot on the rope, GOAT called in the OTB! An extreme beat-down of Dempsey went down, and the match was declared a no-contest with the referee completely taken out of the match.

It was this match that sparked the future VBW versus OTB feud, which culminated in VBW Bragging Rights in 2003. But for these two competitors, it was a feud not to forget that would change things in the VBW forever.

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