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Top 5 Feuds in VBW History

Posted on: March 19, 2014

#4. VBW vs. OTB vs. VCW

The number four fued in our VBWOnline.com exclusive countdown of the top 5 feuds in VBW history continues with the inter-promotion mega-feud of VBW versus OTB versus VCW.

The OTB (Only The Best) was a stable featuring James Blade, Big Mofo Rob and various others along the way. They are all part of the VBW, but only a select few are part of the OTB group. They have been imposing their will on the best the VBW has to offer since day one, and that tension reached new levels at Backyard Baron when the entire OTB (with new members Christopher Blaze and Dallas Kline) beat down Mike Dempsey following the main event of Dempsey vs Blade.

After some time off, the VBW returned with the Clash of the Titans supercard show, now wrestling in a professional ring and with several wrestlers from the popular local promotion 'VCW' (Vancity Championship Wrestling). Meanwhile, the OTB was growing in size and strength.

After action continued to pick up and tension grew from all sides, a main event six-man tag team match happened on Warfare on August 13, 2003. It featured "Team OTB" consisting of James Blade, Christopher Blaze and Dallas Kline, versus "Team VBW" which featured fan favorites Eric Cage, Jimmy Dean and Mike Dempsey.

Dempsey got the pinfall on the Canadian Champion Christopher Blaze, but instead of the winning team's music playing, out came the VCW group!

The trio from the VBW, as well as the three OTB members, both fended off the VCW, but in the end it was an epic three-team staredown as Warfare went off the air!

The next week on Warfare, it was captain of each team facing off in a huge triple threat main event of Eric Cage versus James Blade versus Scott Henson. Following the match, 'The GOAT' went off on a tirade and decided to even the score by going "back to his roots", and the music hit and out came PesT! An original OTB member not seen in the VBW for two years! This set up a MASSIVE main event at the upcoming supercard show, appropriately titled Bragging Rights.

At Bragging Rights, the biggest match in company history took place inside the squared circle! It was Eric Cage, Mike Dempsey and Jimmy Dean (Team VBW) versus James Blade, PesT and Dallas Kline (Team OTB) versus Scott Henson, Daniel Makabe and Yakuza J (Team VCW). Even more, the first pinfall will determine who is the new Canadian Champion, and the last man standing will be the new VBW Champion!

When the smoke cleared, we had a NEW Canadian Champion in 'The Dream' Jimmy Dean, while 'The GOAT' James Blade retained his VBW Championship in fine fashion with a post-to-post "Goatinator" kick off the top roap.

Nowadays, fans of the VBW can look back and know that these three teams shaped the face of the company during these events. And for that, it ranks as one of the greatest feuds and storylines in VBW history.

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