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Top 5 Feuds in VBW History

Posted on: March 15, 2014

#5. Raptus vs. Trez

We kick off our top five feuds in VBW history with an epic rivalry that had a little bit of everything. These two first faced off on the third ever episode of Wednesday Warfare, where the deranged Raptus was actually wheeled in to the ring on a dolly like Hanibal Lecter! After failing to win the VBW Championship earlier, Raptus focused himself on taking down fan favorite underdog Trez and all his Trezbians.

Raptus defeated Trez in this great back-and-forth match. The following week on Warfare, however, is where things went terribly bad.

On September 26, 2001, Raptus approached Trez on the streets outside and attempted to get him to "join forces". When Trez declines, Raptus attacked! Trez tried to fight him off, but Raptus eventually took control and finished him with a powerbomb right onto a parker car! At this point Raptus was said to be seen stalking Trez at all hours of the night.

The next week, Trez makes an appearance on Commentator's Corner where he's interviewed by T-Bone. He wants to let the world, and all his Trezbains, know that he won't let Raptus get away with his sick mind control games. He's kept a cameraman handy to catch Raptus in the act, and took out his revenge recently at the local shopping mall! Trez rolls the footage of him taking out Raptus in the public mall full of on-looking spectators!

Trez says he will finish Raptus once and for all at the upcoming Ground Zero Supercard.

At Ground Zero, Raptus and Trez battled it out with everything on the line: Freedom, life and pride. After Trez made his way to the ring, Raptus emerged from the steaming hot tub like it's some sort of an incubator! Trez showed tremendous heart to fight it out with the bigger Raptus, and almost scored the victory on several occassions. Then in a bizarre twist, instead of going for a pin following a big move, Raptus dragged Trez out of the ring, across the yard, into the bushes and seemingly off the face of the earth! Raptus has actually abducted Trez just like he claimed he would!

For weeks, Trez and Raptus were both nowhere to be found. Then, on a November 7, 2001 episode of Warfare, Raptus was seen in a dark dungion area with a tied and beaten captive prisoner. It was Trez! Raptus spoke all sorts of menacing spell-like phrases in a forein language, and ended with the words "Long live...the new flesh..."

At that point, we don't know what happened. Raptus and Trez were both absent from the following weeks of Warfare, and so it's left to rumors and hear-say as to what happened between the two. Both competitors would be seen again, but the feud that happened in 2001 had come to a dangerous conclusion some way, some how. Perhaps the police got involved, or maybe some other forces told Raptus to focus his efforts elsewhere. For Trez's sake and everyone involved, we're glad he escaped alive.

Check back again to see the next in our count-down of the top five feuds in VBW history!

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