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"The Architect"
Christopher Blaze

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hailing From: Toronto, ON
Finisher #1: The Final Product (Olympic Slam)
Finisher #2: Blaze Of Glory (Flatliner)
VBW Titles Held: Canadian Championship (2)
Catchphrase: "Every opponent is a new project for victory"


Christopher Blaze, known also as "The Architect", is one of the top competitors in the VBW both in the ring and on the microphone. He is an original member of the VBW and previously associated with the stable the OTB. Chris started his backyard wrestling career alongside his brother Johnny Blaze (aka Stryfe) as a singles competiter in the CWA and EBW. After a successful debut and merger into VBW, Chris began working the tag team division alongside his brother. The team was short lived after a heated rivalry broke out and soured the once happy family. Shortly afterwards, The Architect joined the likes or Big Mofo Rob and James Blade as a member of the OTB (Only the Best) where he continued his success. In 2003 Chris Blaze was the last man standing after a 15-man Royal Rumble-style match to determine the new VBW Canadian Champion. The title was later vacated by Blaze after he left the VBW and signed with the Missasaga, Ontario based promotion BYWF.

Independent Career:
In 2004, Blaze trained at the ECCW In-Pain Asylum and went on to spend the next several years working part-time under different names on the indy scene in the Vancouver, BC area. He was regarded as one of the best on the mic in the territory, and always an up-and-comer just oozing potential. In 2013 he captured the Light Heavyweight title for All-Star Wrestling in Cloverdale, BC. In 2014, Chris made the move back to the VBW where he now wrestles exclusively on Wednesday Warfare and Sunday Sacrifice.

Wrestling Style:
Christopher Blaze is most know for his counter-reversal style, where he will often wait for his opponent to make a mistake before he attacks. Chris is fast and agile and prefers to strike with kicks and elbows before working his largely underrated grapple game. Though he is not famous for high risk or power moves, he has been known to use whatever weapon fits the current situation best.

VBW Career Highlights:
Blaze is a former VBW Canadian Champion, and was the winner of the "Titan Clash" battle royal at the Clash of the Titans supercard. On August 13, 2014, he captured the VBW Canadian Championship for a second time by defeating Mike Dempsey in the finals of the Canadian Championship tournament for the title that had been vacant since the re-launching of VBW in the spring.

Photo Gallery:
  • Dangerous By Design
  • Side Russian Legsweep
  • Blaze Of Glory To Mini-G
  • Moving On In The Canadian Title Tournament
  • Making His Way To The Ring
  • Blaze Gets The Win Following The Final Product!
  • SO Close To The Canadian Championship
  • Very Nice Corner Roll-Up
  • Swinging Neck Breaker
  • Back In Action In The VBW
  • Pre-Match Promo
  • Warfare promo
  • Ready To Fight For Canadian Gold
  • Victorious!
  • Entrance on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 1
  • Blaze Up! Your VBW Canadian Champion Right Here!
  • Double-Underhook Suplex
  • Being Presented With The Title He's Earned

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