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Drew Sarian

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hailing From: Coquitlam, BC
Finisher #1: Superkick
Finisher #2: Tiger Tamer (High-angle Boston Crab)
VBW Titles Held:  


Drew Sarian is a newcomer to the VBW in 2014, but is no newcomer inside of the squared circle. With years of wrestling under his belt, he's brought his game to the VBW where he continues to make a statement in the wrestling world.

Wrestling Style:
Sarian posesses an impressive technical game, mixed with hard-hitting moves and the right attitude to back it up. Moves such as the Koji Clutch, leg lariat and Half-Nelson Pumphandle Suplex are enough to put the rest of the VBW roster on notice.

VBW Career Highlights:
In 2014 Drew Sarian first showed up in the VBW on Sunday Sacrifice, declaring that he's come to the VBW to continue to prove that he's one of the best wrestlers in the world. He now looks to back up those statements as he takes on all comers.

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