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"The GOAT"
James Blade

Height: 5'11"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hailing From: North Vancouver, BC
Finisher #1: The Switchblade (Superkick)
Finisher #2: The GLOAT (Single-Leg Crab)
VBW Titles Held: VBW World Championship (2)


Since the day he stepped foot in a VBW ring, "The GOAT" (Greatest Of All Time) James Blade has shown the backyard wrestling world the kind of athlete he is. In early 2002, Blade won the VBW Championship using his GLOAT leg-lock on then-champion Calamity. After a long and successful feud with Mike Dempsey, Blade continued on to defend his title against all comers.

At Clash of the Titans in April of 2003, The GOAT defeated Eric Cage to retain the VBW Championship, and went on to win the nine-man main event at Bragging Rights in October of 2003 after giving Scott Henson the Goatinator in the final moments of the match.

Wrestling Style:
James Blade is an all-around technical wrestler with high flying ability. He can beat his opponents by out-thinking them, or just plain out-working them. This versatility makes him a favorite in most every match, and keeps his opponents on their toes. Blade has a variety of moves in his arsenal, among those he uses regularily are the snap suplex, DDT, second rope elbow drop, and often a top rope elbow drop as well. His finisher, the Switchblade superkick, has finished more opponents than any other move in the VBW, while his GLOAT (Greatest Leglock of All Time) submission has made opponents tap out as well.

VBW Career Highlights:
James Blade captured his first VBW Championship in season 1 on Wednesday Warfare, and he stayed champion through thick and thin until the VBW shut its doors in 2003. On May 28, 2014, Blade won the vacant VBW Championship in a Past Champion vs Past Champion match versus 'The Dream' Jimmy Dean on Wednesday Warfare.

Photo Gallery:
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