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Height: Allegedly 9'0"
Weight: Allegedly over 800 lbs.
Hailing From: Surrey, BC
Finisher: The Deep End (Shoulder Hold STO)
VBW Titles Held:  


Mercury has been in the VBW since 2003, originally feuding with Lil' Chicho. In his brief time before the VBW shut down, Mercury was a fan favorite underdog who often got pushed around but always pushed back. Now days, Mercury has years of experience in the ring and will be looking to make an impact on Warfare against anyone who under-estimates him. In fact, Mercury is so confident in his abilities, he lists himself as 9-feet tall and weighing in at over 800 pounds!

Wrestling Style:
Mercury is an all-around competitor. Don't tell him that he's undersized or he's bound to take your head off. With his 'Mercury Falls' jawbreaker, springboard swinging DDT and his finisher, The Deep End (Shoulder hold STO), Mercury has a variety of moves in his arsenal to take down bigger opponents. He's no stranger to going off the top rope, and will often outwork his opponents based on his advanced speed, smarts and overall heart and work ethic.

VBW Career Highlights:
With a limited number of VBW appearances, Mercury is still chasing gold. He has found plenty of backyard wrestling success elsewhere, and will be looking to bring that experience to the VBW to continue making his mark and add to his achievements.

Photo Gallery:
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