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Michael Hardknob

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hailing From: Port Coquitlam, BC
Position: VBW Senior Referee


Michael Hardknob is the senior official in the VBW. He's called a lot of big matches in the company's history, including at the entire VBW Backyard Baron supercard back in 2002.

Officiating Style:
Hardknob calls things exactly as he see's them, and plays no favorites. If a wrestler ever gets out of line, senior referee Michael Hardknob has the experience and ability to step in and keep the situation under control. He does his job well, and is always the go-to ref whenever available for VBW events.

VBW Career Highlights:
Hardknob's biggest match that he's officiated to date has been the main event of Backyard Baron. He continues to ref the big matches, and will be seen in many episodes to come.

Photo Gallery:
  • Hardknob on Sunday Sacrifice - Season 3, Ep 4
  • Counting The Downed Competitors On Warfare
  • Raising Christopher Blaze's Hand
  • Laying Down The Law

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