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"Mean Streak"
Mike Dempsey

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 203 lbs.
Hailing From: Maple Ridge, BC
Finisher: The Breaking Point (Diamond Cutter)
VBW Titles Held: VBW Canadian Champion


Mike Dempsey is a veteran of the VBW. He has been in the company since day 1, and continues to be a force and challenger to the VBW Championship. Recent times have seen Dempsey develop a nasty attitude, which he claims is from years of getting nowhere playing the "good guy" roll. His new "Mean Streak" persona will surely wreak havoc on the main event scene and anyone who takes him on in the ring.

Independent Career:
Along with Christopher Blaze and T-Bone, Mike Dempsey trained at the ECCW In-Pain Asylum in 2004. Dempsey went on to have a notable indy career, wrestling in over 150 pro matches up and down the Pacific Northwest. During 2006, Dempsey had a run with the WCWC promotion in Oregon, and won both the Lightning Division Championship and Tag Team Championships. Shortly after, Mean Streak won the "Just Wrestling" light heavyweight title in Nanaimo, BC. His indy opponents include The Blue Meanie, Davey Richards, Kyle O'Reilly, Tyson Kidd, Mike Modest, Evan Bourne, Tyler Breeze and Matt Stryker.

Wrestling Style:
Dempsey is an all-around technical wrestler, and master of getting the best of his opponent in the ring at any cost necessary. His spinning heal kick, double-underhook backbreaker and step-up enziguri kick are his trademark moves, while the "Breaking Point" finisher is best described as a pump-handle diamond cutter, and a variation of the Dempsey bomb, which he appears to have abandoned. In early years, "Mean Streak" has also used the Dempsey Death Lock (million dollar dream).

VBW Career Highlights:
Prior to the very first episode of Warfare, Dempsey won the Canadian title at a house show on August 4, 2001, by defeating Hammerstein by pinfall. He went on to feud with Wigga T, who ran him over with his pimpmobile. Following his recover, Dempsey defeated Wigga T at Ground Zero in a street fight, but lost the Canadian title in an impromptu match against Stryfe just moments later. In 2002, Dempsey feuded with James Blade, with Blade retaining his VBW Championship against Dempsey in the main event of the Backyard Baron PPV. In 2003, after winning a four-way match to become number one contender to the Canadian title, Dempsey came within seconds of regaining the Canadian title until members of the VCW interfered in his main event match with Christopher Blaze on July 9, 2003. In 2014, Mean Streak made it to the finals of the Canadian Championship tournament before falling victim to Christopher Blaze.

Photo Gallery:
  • Spinning Heal Kick by Mike Dempsey
  • Headlock To His Opponent
  • Double-Underhook Back Breaker
  • Blaze Feelin' The Mean Streak
  • Back Suplex to Mini-G
  • Mean Streak on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 1
  • Advancing To Finals Of Canadian Title Tournament
  • Chop on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 1
  • Big Chop To Christopher Blaze
  • Entrance on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 3
  • Canadian Championship Finals
  • Double-Underhook Back Breaker To Blaze
  • Dempsey And The Caddy
  • Andrew Holloran Becomes Dempsey's Caddy
  • Gearing Up For The Canadian Title Match
  • Coffees From The Caddy On Warfare
  • Interviewing Andrew Holloran For The Assistant Job
  • Submission Maneuver On The Architect!
  • A Mean Wrist Lock Applied To Eric Cage
  • Dempsey and Eddie Allen on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 1

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