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Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Hailing From: Maple Ridge, BC
Finisher #1: The Big Move! (Shooting Star Press)
Finisher #2: The Bigger Move! (Sky Twister Press)
VBW Titles Held: Canadian Champion


Mini-G is instantly recognized as the most high flying superstar in VBW history. He's able to captivate the imagination of the audience through his acrobatics, and is a huge fan favorite among the VBW faithful.

Wrestling Style:
As mentioned, Mini-G's strength is his ability to take to the air and out-work his opponent through his unmatched arsenal of high-flying tactics. From his ring entrance to his finisher, Mini-G is always making the fans cheer in excitement as he dazzles the crowd and brings home victories.

VBW Career Highlights:
In 2002 at Backyard Baron, Mini-G came seconds away from the VBW Canadian Championship in a tables, ladders and chairs match, which was highlighted on Sunday Sacrifice episode 2 of season 3. In 2014 he once again went for Canadian gold in the tournament to crown a champion for the vacant Canadian title, but had the unfortunate first round match-up against eventual winner Christopher Blaze. He now looks to dazzle his way up the rankings and once again compete for titles in hopes of winning it all one day in the VBW.

At Yardstock on June 2, 2015, Mini-G won the vacant Canadian title in his match versus "Mean Streak" Mike Dempsey.

Photo Gallery:
  • Head Scissors Takedown
  • Flipping Ring Entrance
  • Arm Bar To The Architect
  • Sky Twister Press AKA The Bigger Move!
  • Mini-G Gets A Shot At The Canadian Title
  • Lionsault By Mini-G To The GOAT
  • Missile Dropkick to Dempsey
  • It's The Big Move!
  • Hurricanrana To Christopher Blaze
  • A Painting Canvas Right Over The Head!
  • Playing It Up For The Crowd
  • Acid Drop Bulldog From The Top Rope
  • At Home In The VBW Arena
  • Mini-G Ready For His Hardcore Match
  • Mini-G on Warfare - Season 3, Ep 1
  • Spinning Back Kick To The Jaw!
  • Hurricanrana To The GOAT
  • The Big Move For The Win!

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