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Referee Douglas

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 177 lbs.
Hailing From: Maple Ridge, BC
Position: VBW Referee


Referee Douglas is a new official in the VBW. He debuted on Wednesday Warfare on August 13, 2014, and now officiates full-time with the VBW.

Officiating Style:
Referee Douglas may be new to the VBW, but he is no pushover when it comes to keeping a match under control. He draws from his experience as a bouncer to ensure that wrestlers don't cross the line or break the rules.

VBW Career Highlights:
As a newcomer to the VBW, Referee Douglas has his best moments ahead of him. In fact, he has aspirations of being an active wrestler in the VBW down the road.

Photo Gallery:
  • Referee Doug About To Start The Match
  • Counting Out The Two Downed Competitors

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