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Sasha St.Claire

Height: 5'7"
Hailing From: Coquitlam, BC
VBW Role: General Manager
GM For: Wednesday Warfare & Sunday Sacrifice
Associates: T-Bone (VBW Owner)


Sasha St.Claire was introduced to the VBW audience when the company owner, T-Bone, required someone to administer VBW programming in his absence. Sasha quickly made her presence felt, creating matches between wrestlers and running duties on both Wednesday Warfare and Sunday Sacrifice.

Style & Strategy:
Sasha St.Claire calls things as she sees them, both demanding respect and giving it to those who deserve it. Along with T-Bone, she is the law and order in the VBW, and most dare not cross her. Adored by fans, Miss St.Claire helps keep the shows entertaining and within the rules, but is sometimes tested by certain members of the VBW roster.

VBW Career Highlights:
Being a member of the administrative team, Sasha St.Claire has already earned high honors in the VBW in her short time with the company. Her role expanded in August of 2014 when T-Bone's schedule with his cock fighting venture started to limit his time on VBW programming.

Photo Gallery:
  • Miss St.Claire With A Smile For The Crowd
  • The Lovely Sasha St.Claire
  • Sunday Sacrifice Entrance With T-Bone
  • In The Office With Jimmy Dean
  • On The Phone With T-Bone
  • Sasha St.Claire on Warfare
  • Sasha On The Mic

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