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"Big Cat"
Scott Henson

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 222 lbs.
Hailing From: Furry Creek, BC
Finisher: Burning Bright (Ripcord Short Arm Lariat)
Associates: Kaden Talbain (Tag Team: Fur & Loathing)
VBW Titles Held:  


The man they call "Big Cat" Scott Henson is a half-man, half-tiger hybrid from the depths of Furry Creek, BC. Henson is one of the most seasoned wrestlers in the VBW and truly at the top of the ranks when it comes to getting it done inside the squared circle.

Independent Career:
In 2003, Scott Henson went through professional training with All-Star wrestling in BC, and went on to compete on local professional wrestling shows. He has training with some of the best wrestlers in the territory, and now brings this experience to the VBW.

Wrestling Style:
Big Cat is a true veteran of the ring, with over a decade of experience and hundreds of matches under his belt. His technical game is one of the best in the VBW, but Henson can also flat-out move for a man/tiger of his size. Never shy about using his claws to get the upper-hand, Big Cat regularily unleashes moves such as the Ka-Blamo (Fireman's carry falling gutbuster), Somersault Senton and bicycle kick to wear opponents down. His Burning Bright lariat finisher is amongst the more devastating moves in the VBW.

VBW Career Highlights:
In 2003, Scott Henson was part of the main event of VBW's "Bragging Rights" supercard, involved in a massive nine-man elimination tag team match. In 2014, with the re-launch of the VBW, Henson is back and continues to be a major player in the VBW moving forward.

Photo Gallery:
  • Surprise Knee To The Midsection On Cage!
  • Big Cat Is Back In The VBW
  • Insulted By Eric Cage On Warfare
  • Jungle Cat In His Natural Environment
  • With Kaden Talbain on Wednesday Warfare!
  • Beating Up The Dream On Wednesday Warfare
  • Flipping Senton Splash To Christopher Blaze
  • Scott Henson Making His Way To The Ring
  • Ka-Blamo Gutbuster By Big Cat
  • Cat Scratch To Jimmy Dean
  • Henson With The Burning Bright Lariat
  • Hearing It From The Fans On Wednesday Warfare
  • Burning Bright To Eric Cage
  • Put Your Paws Together

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