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Height: 5'9"
Weight: 168 lbs.
Hailing From: Vancouver, BC
VBW Role: VBW Owner
Associates: Sasha St.Claire (General Manager)


When the VBW was resurrected in 2014, it was revealed that long-time commentator T-Bone was the man who purchased the company and brought it back to life. T-Bone has made millions of dollars playing the cock fighting game in Thailand, and brings that experience and wealth to the VBW where he runs the show, along with administrative associate Sasha St.Claire.

Independent Career:
Before life as VBW Owner, T-Bone trained with ECCW out of Vancouver, BC, and wrestled part-time under a different name on the local indy scene from 2004 to 2009. His high-paced style kept opponents on their toes, and T-Bone never backed down from a challenge. Due to a build-up of injuries, he retired from pro wrestling in 2009.

Style & Strategy:
T-Bone has always been a straight shooter, looking out for what's best for the VBW first and foremost. He is loved by the fans for making this all possible, and wrestlers on the roster generally do not dare to cross him. Many of the VBW's recent greatest moments were made possible by direct decisions made by T-Bone.

VBW Career Highlights:
Being the VBW Owner means you're at the top of the food chain, and that is T-Bone's greatest VBW accomplishment. He has butted heads with "The GOAT" James Blade on many occasions, but together with Sasha St.Claire, he keeps things running smoothly in day-to-day operations. In August of 2014, T-Bone announced plans for Yardstock, the next Supercard show, and also revealed that his cock fighting venture would soon take up much more of his time, and that associate Sasha St.Claire would see an expanded role in running both Warfare and Sacrifice.

Photo Gallery:
  • The Admin Team On Sunday Sacrifice
  • About To Board His Private Helicopter
  • T-Bone Setting Up The VBW Championship Match
  • T-Bone Refs Dempsey vs Mini-G
  • Laying Down The Law As Referee
  • The VBW Owner Standing In His Ring
  • Thank You T-Bone!
  • Yardstock! Yardstock! Yardstock!
  • T-Bone Warns The GOAT
  • The Owner Of The VBW
  • T-Bone Dealing With James Blade
  • Another Episode Brought To You By T-Bone

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