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Season 2, Episode 4: Clash Of The Titans

Original air date: April 1, 2003

The VBW returns after an almost 10-month layoff, and the action takes place for the first time indoors in a real pro ring! Main Event Material get a shot at regaining the Tag Team titles against Foul Play, and then of course comes the "Titan Clash" battle royal, where 15 men battle it out to determine who will win the vacant VBW Canadian title and be the #1 contender to the VBW Championship. In the main event, Eric Cage steps up to face VBW Champion James Blade.

Unfortunately, this show has not received proper editing, but as a bonus is available to watch below in a rough cut form. Scroll down for spoiler results.

Spoiler Results:

The most anticipated return to the internet began with the VBW's Supercard, Clash Of The Titans. An amazing event with the debut of the VBW Tag Team titles, a 15 man Titan Clash to decide the new Canadian Champion and the number one contender for the VBW Championship. Finally, in the main event, the Goat issued an open challenge to anyone in the VBW, who would respond?

Clash Of The Titans (COTT) began with “The Goat” James Blade’s music hitting and with himself walking down to ringside. Without wasting any time, Goat announces that we have begun the Supercard and already no one has stepped up to his challenge. Not Doink the Clown, not Honky Tonk Man, not even Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Austin’s music hits! The glass shatters and GOAT’s face lights up! Could Austin be in attendance? Suddenly the music turns into a different song, No longer its Stone Colds music, it’s someone elses…….ERIC CAGE!!! Eric Cage steps out through the curtains, The Undeniable One is back!

Retreating cautiously, Cage enters the ring and grabs the microphone. He says that who was the man to beat the current VBW World Champion at Ground Zero I? It was Cage. And he has been dreaming of the day he gets back into that ring to kick his ass once again. It comes down to one question. How would GOAT, like to go one on one, one more time, with Cage? The GOAT foolishly responds with a Switchblade, but Cage counters and hits James Blade with a rockbottom, the match is set!

We come back to the debut of the VBW Tag Team Titles. Ruckus and Drake Dredd are taking on Wigga T. Out came Ruckus and Dredd in their unusual attire and then Wigga T and the newcomer Scott Idol made their entrance. Dredd and Idol first locked up and the match went from there. Quite an even match, Wigga T and Scott Idol felt the only way they were going to win those titles was by cheating. So, with Idol throwing a chair in the ring and distracting the ref, Wigga T clocked Ruckus with the steel chair and covered for the 3 count. Definitely not the last of this rivalry. New tag champs, Scott Idol and Wigga T

After the commercial break, we come back to the first ever 15 man Titan Clash. The stakes have never been higher. The currently vacant VBW Canadian Championship and the number one contendership for the VBW Championship. The following is the order of entry.

1. Jimmy Dean
2. Scott Idol
3. Lenny D
4. Chris Mason
5. Johnny Dakota
6. Raptus
7. Mike Dempsey
8. Wigga T
9. The Architect
10. Drake Dredd
11. Ruckus
12. Big Mofo Rob
13. Scott Henson
14. S2K
15. Dallas Kline

In this match it is definitely worth noting, The Dream Jimmy Dean, the current Hardcore Champion, started first and actually went to the final 3! A VERY impressive outing by Jimmy Dean. Other highlights include, Raptus eliminating the most superstars and Scott Henson delivering a beating to Big Mofo Rob like never seen before. In the end however, it was the final four standing in the ring, Mike Dempsey, Jimmy Dean, Raptus and The Architect with The Architect walking out the winner of the first ever VBW Titan Clash. He is now the contender for the World Championship and the NEW Canadian Champion.

Come back from our final commercial break with our main event just scheduled, James Blade vs Eric Cage. There is a lot of history to go behind this match as Eric Cage’s last match was actually against Blade at Ground Zero I, which was 2 years ago! In the beginning both men came to the ring and the stare down begun. GOAT tried to push Cage but Cage countered with a push of his own to send GOAT down to the mat. For the longest time Cage dominated this match and it looked like Blade did not know what to do. Important highlights included GOAT sending Cage flying with a huge superplex. The suspense in this match grew to greater hights as Cage actually kicked out of the switchblade but in another turn of events, GOAT kicked out of Cage’s trademark move, the Overrun! Goat even amazed the crowd with a huge Van Terminator knocking Cage out with a steel chair propped up against him. In what everyone thought would be the end of the GOAT title reign, Cage had locked on a wicked sleeper hold, and just when GOAT looked to be out, he amazed the crowd by climbing to the top ropes (while in the sleeper hold) and bridging back onto The Undeniable One for the 3 count. Careless mistake by Cage. That wasn’t the end of the show though. After the match, James Blade welcomed Cage back by slapping on the GLOAT and making a fool out of Cage. The GOAT James Blade retains his VBW Championship.

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