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Season 2, Episode 5: Wednesday Warfare

Original air date: June 25, 2003

Wednesday Warfare returns following the Clash of the Titans 2003 PPV, and the days of the home-made ring are now fully in the past. Following his return at Clash of the Titans, a big name player in the VBW challenges for the Canadian title.

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Spoiler Results:

The VBW made its return to the world of online backyard wrestling entertainment in late June of 2003 with Wednesday Warfare. Here is a recap of the show, as well as a preview for next week's episode.

Warfare kicked off with a video package highlighting the main event for the Clash of the Titans PPV. The VBW Champion James Blade placed an open challenge, which was answered by a returning Eric Cage. Cage hadn't been seen since the fall of 2001. After a long grueling match, it was The GOAT retaining his gold.

Live at ringside the OTB (Only The Best) stable comes down to the ring. James Blade, Christopher Blaze, Dallas Kline and Big Mofo Rob enter the ring and begin to gloat about the outcome of Clash of the Titans. They spout off about the fact that The GOAT James Blade retained his title, and that The Architect Christopher Blaze won the Canadian title in the 15-man Titan Clash by cheating against Dempsey in the final minute. By winning, Blaze also won the right as number one contender for the VBW championship, currently held by fellow OTB member James Blade. The Architect agrees to lay down and allow the GOAT to pin him. As this is about to happen, Eric Cage's music hits! Out comes The Undeniable One. Cage points out that The Architect has become James Blade's ass-kissing sidekick. He challenges Blaze to a match tonight for the number one contendership, which is accepted. As Cage leaves the ring, he gets an OTB beat down.

Scott Henson vs Mike Dempsey vs Raptus
The first match features three rising stars going at it in a three-way dance to determine the number one contender for the Canadian title. Dempsey and Raptus lock up and start things off as "Hot Shit" Scott Henson of the local VCW federation comes out third. The three competitors battled it out in what was an entertaining opening match. Highlights include Hot Shit's death valley driver, Raptus' top rope big splash (post-match) and a Dempsey Bomb on Raptus off the second turnbuckle. Eventually Raptus would set Henson up for a Tombstone piledriver only to have Dempsey tackle from behind and pin both men at the same time. Mike Dempsey is the number one contender for Christopher Blaze's Canadian title.

Eric Cage vs Christopher Blaze
Number one contendership for the VBW Championship is on the line as Cage takes on Blaze. This would turn out to be one of the best matches to air on Warfare. The action was fast and furious early on with The Undeniable One hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam followed by a standing verticle suplex. Several big moves and near falls later, it was Eric Cage putting away Christopher Blaze after a huge Rock Bottom. Cage is a number one contender for James Blade's VBW Championship. When will we see those two lock it up? It's just a matter of time.

Commentators Corner
T-Bone is back again to host Commentator's Corner. His guest this week is a newcomer to the VBW who goes by the name of Fully Automatic. FA is overseas and live via telephone. T-Bone asks when we might see him in the ring, and is told ASAP which most likely means next Wednesday Warfare. FA says we can expect to see explosive action and that he's a head hunter and a neck breaker. At one point T-Bone gets himself in trouble by snickering at some comments made by Fully Automatic, which does not bode well for his health in the future!

Jimmy Dean vs James Blade
The VBW Championship is on the line as up-and-comer The Dream Jimmy Dean gets a major opportunity taking on The GOAT. Dean hits a hurricanrana early on, however the match is largely dominated by the VBW Champion. This was a hellacious main event with action going on outside the ring and a steel chair getting in on the fight. At one point the ref loses all control of the match, and eventually The Dream is hit square in the forehead with the chair in the ring. James Blade locks on the GLOAT (Great Leglock of All Time) and Dean is out cold. The ref is forced to stop the match, giving Blade the win. The champion doesn't let go of Jimmy Dean however, but Eric Cage makes the save. The OTB then runs in and starts their second attack on Cage. Eventually Jimmy Dean and Eric Cage clear the ring of the OTB and help each other up as an action-packed Wednesday Warfare goes off air.

Preview: Warfare July 9, 2003
July 9 Wednesday Warfare will return with even more action as things start to heat up more. Will Christopher Blaze put his Canadian title on the line against new number one contender Mike Dempsey? Dempsey will surely be looking for payback after Clash of the Titans. What we will see for sure is a five-man elimination match for the Hardcore title. Also Ruckus will be in action against one half of the VBW Tag Team Champions. Newcomer to the VBW Mercury will make his debut, and Fully Automatic promises to make a big impact in the near future. Be sure to tune in!

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