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Season 2, Episode 6: Wednesday Warfare

Original air date: July 9, 2003

Newcomers Mercury and Fully Automatic square off, Ruckus battles Scott Idol with their respective tag partners each at ringside, a five-corners tag match for the Hardcore title, and Mike Dempsey gets his shot at the Canadian champion Christopher Blaze in the main event.

The full episode is presented below, but without color commentary. Look for commentary to be added in the future. Scroll down for spoiler results.

Spoiler Results:

Warfare for July 9 kicked off with a video package detailing the Canadian title number one contenders match last week and it's winner, Mike Dempsey, who is now entitled to a title match against Canadian champion The Architect Christopher Blaze.

A sign-up sheet is shown in the backstage area, where wrestlers will be able to sign up for a chance at the hardcore title later tonight.

Now live at ringside the Architect Christopher Blaze's music hits and the Canadian champion comes down to the ring. Blaze says he suffered severely bruised ribs at the hands of Eric Cage last week. He says the OTB is not going to be in action tonight. James Blade will not be in action tonight. The Canadian title will NOT be defended tonight. The cocky Christopher Blaze goes to leave the ring, when the music of Mike Dempsey hits! The VBW's first ever Canadian champion interrupts the reining champ's speech and has some words of his own. He cuts down Blaze for being VBW Champion James Blade's bitch. The Architect responds and tries to attack Dempsey but is countered. The two exchange move attempts until Blaze high-tails it out of there! It will be Dempsey vs Blaze later tonight for the Canadian title.

We cut to the backstage area and newcomer Mercury is about to sign up for the hardcore title match tonight. Before he does, Raptus comes in and pushes him away like a little kid and signs himself up instead.

The tag team of Drake Dredd and Ruckus, known as Foul Play, arrive at the arena. Police sirens can ironically be heard as they exit their car and get ready for tonight.

Fully Automatic vs Mercury
Mercury didn't get his hardcore title match, but he bites off even more as he takes on another newcomer making his debut in Fully Automatic. The match is short as FA throws Mercury around like a rag doll! Mercury fails to get a move in and FA finishes him after a vicious german suplex and powerslam. Then as Fully Automatic stands victorious, VCW superstar Scott Henson enters the ring. He says Mercury just graduated 9th grade, and that FA should take on someone his own size. The two start going at it right here and now! Fully Automatic eventually gets the last laugh and leaves with Henson left on the mat.

Jimmy Dean is in the backstage area and notices he's already signed up for the hardcore match. The fan favorite has words for anyone who wants to mess with him and his title tonight.

Ruckus w\ Drake Dredd vs Scott Idol w\ Wigga T
Ruckus takes on one half of the VBW Tag champions in Scott Idol. These two teams have a serious feud going and this only adds fuel to the fire. During the match all four competitors get into it both in and out of the ring. Both Idol and Ruckus get lots of big moves in, including Ruckus walking the ropes then jumping into a flipping neckbreaker. Drake Dredd handcuffs Wigga T following a Death Valley Driver on Scott Idol by Ruckus. Dredd beats Wigga T while Ruckus takes out Idol, and hits a big leg drop off the top rope onto a chair resting on Idol's head. Foul Play leaves after they're finished laying one of the biggest beatings in a VBW ring on Main Event Material.

Jimmy Dean vs Lenny D vs Drake Dredd vs Raptus vs Wigga T
This match is the VBW's first 5-man elimination tag match in federation history, featuring five of the most hardcore competitors in the VBW. After some hellacious action and many tag-ins, The Dream Jimmy Dean is eliminated, meaning we'll see a new hardcore champion crowned! It comes down to Raptus versus VCW superstar Lenny D. Lenny D sets up two chairs in a sitting position with one across them like a table, but Raptus takes advantage and cross powerbombs Lenny D through it! After following it up with a top rope splash Raptus gets the pin and is your new VBW hardcore champion.

Christopher Blaze vs Mike Dempsey
We're ready for the main event as Dempsey comes out first, sporting Christopher Blaze's Canadian title which he grabbed in their earlier encounter. The Architect comes out second and the two lock up. The two battle it out back and forth, each displaying their ring prowess. Dempsey lands a top rope back suplex on the Canadian champion and eventually gets Blaze into the Dempsey Death Lock when some strange music hits. It's the VCW invasion! Scott Henson, Daniel Makabe, Yakuza J and Lenny D enter the ring and clean house on both the beaten competitors. The foursome stands proud at what they've done, which is take out two established VBW stars including a member of the OTB clan in Christopher Blaze. They clearly are here to take out anyone, and who can stop them? The show goes off air with the VCW crew causing total mayhem.

Preview: Warfare July 23, 2003
After defeating Mercury without even needing to break a sweat, Fully Automatic will be looking for much larger competition. Who will he find? Also, Raptus puts his new hardcore title on the line against insane highflyer Mini-G who will be seen for the first time since VBW Backyard Baron. Four matches plus commentators corner with T-Bone interviewing tag champion Scott Idol highlight the next edition of Wednesday Warfare. Don't miss it!

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