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Season 2, Episode 7: Wednesday Warfare

Original air date: July 23, 2003

Another action-packed episode of Warfare features a hardcore title match between Raptus and Mini-G, while Mercury finds a tag partner to stand up to the bully tag team "Foul Play". Also on the card, James Blade finds a willing opponent in Fully Automatic.

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Spoiler Results:

July 23's Wednesday Warfare started off at ringside with Scott Henson of the VCW federation coming down and saying some words. He reveals that he injured his wrist at a recent event and can't wrestle his scheduled opponent tonight, Fully Automatic. He says he wants some real talent to wrestle against but calls out Fully Automatic afterall. FA strolls to the ring and has some words of his own. He tells one of his stories about going to war and then offers to wrestle Henson any time he's healthy. Out of nowhere Henson attacks him, but Fully Automatic comes back and knocks the big man down! FA leaves to his music, still unsatisfied.

After a quick advertisement we come back to see Fully Automatic raging in the backstage area, turning over a couch and yelling at anything. Just then the VBW champion James Blade enters the building only to be confronted by FA. The GOAT mocks Fully Automatic and gives him a match for tonight! It's a chance of a lifetime for FA in the main event later on.

Mini-G vs Raptus
Our first match of the night is a hardcore rules match between Mini-G and the new hardcore champion, Raptus. Mini-G comes to the ring first followed by Raptus and the match is quickly under way. This bout featured tons of big high flying moves by Mini-G and even a second rope moonsault pulled out of nowhere by Raptus. Eventually they got a table into the ring and set up vertically in the corner resting against the top turnbuckle. The hardcore champion took Mini-G and threw him right through it! After a big splash off the top rope, Raptus got the 1-2-3 and retained his hardcore championship in impressive fashion.

We see Mercury coming out of a local convenient store all happy about getting the new lemon lime gatorade when he's confronted by Foul Play. They pick on the smaller Mercury and try to take his money. They then take him and hang him upside down until his change falls all over the sidewalk! After they steal his gatorade he challenges them to a tag match which they accept. Mercury will find a tag partner and it's on for tonight.

Commentators Corner. Guest: Scott Idol
One half of Main Event Material is joined by your host T-Bone on Commentator's Corner this week. Scott Idol is honored to meet T-Bone but can't get over the fact that he swears he knows him from somewhere. T-Bone shakes it off and continues on with the interview. Scott Idol teaches T-Bone the westside hand pose that was taught to him by his tag partner Wigga T.

Dallas Kline vs Yakuza J w\ Scott Henson
Dallas Kline of the OTB (Only the Best) group takes on the VCW's Yakuza J one-on-one in the next matchup. The two battle it out in a long contest featuring some impressive submission moves and grapples. Referee Michael Hardknob eventually gets knocked out and DK brings a chair into the ring. He works over the massive Yakuza J's legs some more with the steal chair which leads to Kline getting the victoria via tap out when a submission is applied to Yakuza J's weakened leg.

Outside Mike Dempsey is pacing and can't believe his opportunity at the Canadian title was blown last week because of interference by the VCW gang. Jimmy Dean comes into the picture and the two make a pact to watch each other's backs to make sure the BS stops. Just as The Dream leaves, Dempsey is attacked from behind by The Architect Christopher Blaze! Blaze throws Dempsey into the fence and stomps him to the ground only to be ran off by Jimmy Dean who helps Dempsey to his feet.

Foul Play vs Mercury + ??
We saw Ruckus and Drake Dredd confront Mercury at the store earlier, and now they're ready to get it on in the ring. Foul Play comes out first. Mercury then comes out and introduces the tag partner who he found tonight...Eric Cage! Cages comes out and the two make their way to the ring and it's on. During the match Mercury is dominated by Foul Play and toyed with until Cage finally gets the tag. Eventually after a great matchup it was Foul Play using their teamwork to pull out the victory. Next on their list: Getting back at Main Event Material.

A quick advertisement for the next VBW PPV is shown. It's called Bragging Rights and will be taking place in September.

Fully Automatic vs James Blade
Fully Automatic gets a huge opportunity early on in his VBW career as he takes on VBW Champion The GOAT (Greatest of all Time) James Blade. James Blade comes out cocky and dancing his way to the ring like it's going to be another day at the office, but FA gives him more than he can handle! Blade ducks several attacks by FA until finally being caught. The VBW Champion gets thrown around until he decides to leave and take the count-out instead, therefore retaining his title! Fully Automatic is pissed as James Blade makes his way back up the entrance while keeping his eyes on the ring. All of a sudden we see Eric Cage waiting there, and he throws The GOAT back into the ring! James Blade is foiled by Eric Cage as we go off the air with the champion in trouble being toyed with by Fully Automatic as Cage looks on.

Preview: Warfare August 13, 2003
Next week the VBW tag team champions, Main Event Material, will be in action putting their titles on the line. Foul Play will be the guests on Commentator's Corner, Dempsey versus Architect continues to grow, while the night's main event promises to be huge! The VBW champion James Blade will be involved in some fashion. Don't miss it, August 13!

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