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Season 2, Episode 8: Wednesday Warfare

Original air date: August 13, 2003

Warfare action continues just two shows away from the Bragging Rights PPV. The hardcore title changes hands in an odd twist of events, while the VCW clan continues to make their mark on the VBW. Newcomer Red Money takes on Raptus, a high-spirited Mercury finds out who Lil' Chicho is, and recent turmoil culminates in a huge 6-man main event tag team featuring the OTB versus Cage, Dempsey and Jimmy Dean.

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Warfare kicks off this week in an interesting location...from Raptus' car! Raptus is joined by T-Bone in the passenger seat while he drives down the drudgy streets of Whalley\Surrey, BC. He points out all the lowlifes who can be seen on the streets doing drugs and just plain passed out. Raptus says he's sick of being Hardcore champion, saying the title is only holding him back. He decides to do something about it, and finds a new "suitable hardcore champion". The Polish Supersoldier pulls over to a homeless guy and lays down to him for the 1-2-3! The supposed "Hobo Joe" gets the win without even having to move. Has Raptus gone insane?

Main Event Material vs Scott Henson and Yakuza J
After the Wednesday Warfare intro video is shown, we come live to ringside for the night's first match-up. We've got the tag team champions Main Event Material taking on the VCW team of "Hot Shit" Scott Henson and the mammoth Yakuza J. We are also joined at ringside by T-Bone for commentary, taking over for the absent Brian "Better than you" Collins. The tag champs are in trouble in this match against the much bigger VCW boys, but manage to come out with a victory after Wigga T hit Henson with a steel chair when the ref's back was turned.

Backstage we see the "Undeniable One" Eric Cage warming up when he's confronted by the VBW Champion James Blade. "The GOAT" isn't happy about recent actions but Cage will have none of it and challenges him for a match tonight. He says Blade can get two of his best OTB guys, and he'll get two of his best guys and we'll have a 6-man tag match tonight. Blade agrees, right before Christopher Blaze smokes Cage in the back with a chair out of nowhere! GOAT and Blaze leave as Cage lays on the gound, and we see Jimmy Dean notice what's happened and The Dream takes off in an outrage.

Commentator's Corner
Commentator's Corner with your host T-Bone is aired. This is a previously filmed segment. Foul Play are the guests tonight and Bone welcomes them to the set. Ruckus and Dredd don't look too impressed to be there. After some brief questions they tell T-Bone to shut up and let them do the talking. Foul Play cut down Main Event Material as well as Eric Cage for his involvement last show teaming up with Mercury to take them on. They say that at Bragging Rights they will squash MEM and walk out the new tag team champions. T-Bone says the wrong thing and Ruckus throws his drink into his face and Foul Play leaves the set.

Raptus vs Red Money w\ Chrissi Cash
Raptus, now minus his hardcore title, gets set to take on a newcomer in Red Money, who is accompanied to the ring by Chriss Cash who is also debuting tonight. Raptus beats on Red Money early, slapping and chopping the rookie's chest and dropping him dangerously head-first onto the mat. Red Money gets in some offense including his "Money in the Bank" finisher, but Raptus earns the victory after a huge cross powerbomb. Towards the end of the match, none other than Fully Automatic appears at ringside! FA has been storming through competition early on in his VBW career, and looks to be setting his sights on the Polish Supersoldier. He climbs into the ring as Raptus celebrates, and talks down the former hardcore champion. He says "Polish Supersoldier" is a big oxymoron but is interrupted by Raptus who has heard enough. Raptus says that there's been enough talking and that Fully Automatic should bring his ass to the PPV for a match. The challenge is accepted and the two will now face each other at Bragging Rights! FA offers a handshake to Raptus and then throws the big man into the ropes, and lands a belly-to-belly overhead suplex followed by a spear to send a message heading into the PPV.

Backstage we see Mike Dempsey in the VBW locker room, when Jimmy Dean comes in and has some news. He says that Eric Cage has been attacked from behind by the OTB, and Dempsey is not impressed. The two won't stand for it and charge out of the dressing room with a plan to take action, teaming with Cage to take on the OTB in the main event tonight.

We now see Mercury backstage and he's all smiles as usual. He starts talking to the camera when along comes a newcomer, L'il Chicho. The two introduce themselves and Chicho says they should do something some time. Mercury says they could go to some non-alchoholic bars and paint the town blue! Chicho agrees and starts to walk away, but turns back and clobbers Mercury to the back of the head! Mercury is left on the ground when the flamboyant L'il Chicho looks at him and calls remarks "pffttt....fruit!"

A video package is shown hilighting Only The Best, the OTB. Dallas Kline, Christopher Blaze and James Blade are all featured.

We're now ready for tonight's main event, which is set to be "Team VBW" Eric Cage, Mike Dempsey and Jimmy Dean taking on the OTB group of The GOAT James Blade, The Architect Christopher Blaze and Dallas Kline. The teams come out and have a stare down in the ring, before making way for Dean and Kline to lock up. The two exchange various grapples and eventually land a double clothesline before tagging in Dempsey and Blaze at the same time. Blaze attacks Dempsey early and goes for two quick roll-up pins. Dempsey lands a double underhook back breaker before The Architect reverses but misses a leg drop. The two tag in Eric Cage and VBW Champion James Blade. These two go at it with Cage getting the edge early on. Eventually Dempsey gets the pin on Christopher Blaze following a Dempsey Bomb and spinning heal kick. Instead of the VBW music hitting however, it's the VCW! Scott Henson and Yakuza J come down to the ring only to be fended off by the back-to-back teams of the VBW and OTB. The three teams then split off and stare each other down as the show goes off air!

Preview: Warfare August 27, 2003
After last week's six-man tag match pitting the OTB against the VBW's best, what will the future hold? The VCW gang continue to stick their noses where they don't belong, as the three teams of VBW, VCW and OTB are continue to build tension.

The Dream Jimmy Dean will take on one half of the VBW tag team champions, Scott Idol in singles competition. VCW's Daniel Makabe will also make his official Wednesday Warfare debut. Don't miss it!

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