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Season 2, Episode 10: Bragging Rights

Original air date: October 8, 2003

Bragging Rights is the fourth major Supercard put on by the VBW, which looks to settle the VBW vs OTB vs VCW feud once and for all! A live crowd cheers on as the VBW Tag Team titles are on the line with Main Event Material taking on Foul Play. Also, Mercury and Chicho settle their rivalry, while Fully Automatic calls out Raptus for an all-out war inside the ring. In the huge main event its 3 corners and 9 men (three per team) in a VBW vs OTB vs VCW brawl for the ultimate bragging rights!

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Spoiler Results:

VBW Bragging Rights opens with a bang as we see a very nice intro video detailing the events leading up to the main event to take place tonight in front of a live audience with multiple camera angles!

Next we see Foul Play arriving at the VBW Arena. Drake Dredd is pumped while Ruckus says they're gonna cream MEM like mushroom soup. They will be the challengers looking for tag team gold as they take on Main Event Material next!

Street Fight: Main Event Material vs Foul Play
We're ready for no holds barred action as Foul Play come out in front of the live audience and start to speak their minds. They take their turns making fun of Wigga T and Scott Idol and are clearly confident going into what is sure to be a bloody war. MEM come to the ring with their tag belts and the match is ready to get underway. The action is fast and hard-hitting right from the beginning as Wigga T lands a suicide dive over the top rope early on to both members of Foul Play on the outside. Both teams gets some nasty chair shots in, and even a brief case gets destroyed in the mess! Ruckus lands an impressive spring board moonsault from the top rope and gets a near fall. Drake Dredd gets busted wide open. Finally it's Foul Play who set up Wigga T for their tag team finisher, the Lethal Injection. While Scott Idol is laid out on the outside area, Dredd hoists Wigga up on his shoulders while holding a chair in place, and Ruckus missile drop kicks the chair into Wigga T's face! Foul Play get the 1-2-3 pinfall and we have new VBW Tag Team Champions! This match is an explosive mass of carnage to kick off Bragging Rights in style.

Lil Chicho vs Mercury
A quick video shot earlier in the day is show where Chicho says he's gonna show the world why Mercury is still a fruit, despite getting the upper hand on Warfare. Now live at ringside we see Mercury come out to a good ovation. He gets high-fives from people in the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. Next out is Lil Chicho, making his in-ring debut. This match also marks the debut of Mercury getting some offense in on his opponent, as the two newcomers fight it out for pride and respect. Chicho gets many near-falls but it's Mercury who comes out on top in the end! The crowd is into Merc as he celebrates following a post-win cheap shot by Chicho.

PesT speaks about his return
Following a video promo hyping PesT's return, he speaks about coming back to action here tonight. PesT calls Bragging Rights a historic night and the biggest show of the year for the VBW. He says the OTB are the best and the other two teams, VCW and VBW, should remember to not test the PesT.

Fully Automatic vs Raptus
Fully Automatic comes out first, waving his flag and gets in the ring to spout off about his oppenent tonight. Next out comes Raptus, the Polish supersoldier. He gets on the mic and tells the fans to shut the hell up, before taking a flagpole shot and we're underway! FA lands a belly-to-belly suplex on Raptus followed by a spear in the early going. Raptus counters with a belly-to-belly of his own, followed by a big leg drop. The two big men battle back and forth, trash talkin' all the while. Raptus lands an impressive fallaway slam on Fully Automatic. In the end the two are up and come at each other off the ropes, and both land a huge clothesline for the double knock-out. The ref is forced to count to ten as both competitors are out and possibly have some unfinished business to be settled another day.

A quick advertisement is shown for the next VBW Supercard....Ground Zero II!

Team VBW vs Team OTB vs Team VCW
The main event of the night is now upon us! Team VCW make their way to the ring first as Daniel Makabe, Yakuza J and Scott Henson each come out seperately. Next up are the fan favorites Eric Cage, Mike Dempsey and Jimmy Dean of team VBW. Finally Dallas Kline and VBW Champion The GOAT James Blade come down, followed by PesT. The crowd is really into it as Dallas Kline cuts them down to a chorus of boos. The first pinfall of the night will determine the Canadian Champion, while the last man standing will be the VBW Champion. Starting off are Dallas Kline and Mike Dempsey who get right into the quick back-and-forth techincal maneuvers. Eventually Kline slaps Dempsey after a series of near pinfalls, and Jimmy Dean makes the blind tag in to square off against DK. The Dream has it out with Daniel Makabe after a tag and after landing his One Way Ticket to Dreamland finisher, Jimmy Dean gets the pin to become new VBW Canadian Champion! The victory is short-lived, however, as PesT takes out Dean and we're down to seven men. Lots of back-and-forth action and quick tags sees a series of pinfalls happen, including the elimination of Dallas Kline, Yakuza J and, to the surprise of many, PesT. After his elimination, PesT gives Eric Cage the Pesticider following a GOAT Switchblade! They call the move the Switchicider and Eric Cage is eliminated by the blatant cheating of the OTB. Cage and PesT fight it out on the outside with the ref distracted as Henson has James Blade down-and-out in the ring. We're down to Henson, Dempsey and Blade as the final three going for the VBW Championship. Blade tags in Dempsey who quickly ducks two lariat attempts by Henson, only to be switchbladed by the GOAT who was not the legal man! Henson gets the cover and Dempsey is eliminated to a round of boo's, leaving only Henson and Blade. The GOAT eventually lands a switchblade on Henson after ducking a lariat, and Henson kicks out! Following a chair shot Blade sets up Henson in the corner with a chair on his face. He goes across the ring and climbs the rope. Blade takes a second and then leaps the length of the ring for the Goatinator! The chair is kicked right into Henson's face and James Blade covers him. 1-2-3! The GOAT James Blade retains his VBW Championship to a "holy shit" chant by the crowd as PesT comes back to celebrate with his fellow OTB member. The two get an explosive chorus of boo's from the audience as they celebrate and make their way to the back.

Bragging Rights was truely an event to remember. We saw new Tag Team Champions crowned in Foul Play, a new Canadian Champion in Jimmy Dean, and the GOAT James Blade retained his VBW Championship yet again. What will the future hold, and how will everything unfold on Wednesday Warfare? Be sure to tune in and find out!

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