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Season 3, Episode 7: Wednesday Warfare

Original air date: Oct 1, 2014

In this episode of Wednesday Warfare, we have the biggest main event so far of the season, where Christopher Blaze will attempt to make VBW history when he takes on VBW World Champion "The GOAT" James Blade for the VBW World Championship! If Blaze wins, he will take James Blade's spot in the main event of the upcoming Yardstock supercard to defend the title against "The Dream" Jimmy Dean. This match was set up on the previous episode of Sunday Sacrifice by VBW administrator Sasha St.Claire.

Also in this episode, "The Undeniable One" Eric Cage looks to get his hands on "Big Cat" Scott Henson in their tag team match, when he teams with Daniel Makabe to take on the team of Fur & Loathing (Henson & Kaden Talbain).

"Mean Streak" will be in action and he'll be joined by the Caddy, and we'll see more from "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen, a featurette on the injured Mini-G, and much, much more!

A Day in VBW History...

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