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Season 3, Episode 8: Sunday Sacrifice

Original air date: October 26, 2014

An all-new episode of Sunday Sacrifice hits the Internet and it's the last of the season! With just one more episode of Warfare to come before Yardstock, things are really starting to heat up.

In this episode we have two huge matches, including the number one contender "The Dream" Jimmy Dean taking on the "Man-Wolf" Kaden Talbain in singles action. "Ice Cold" Eddie Allen looks to keep things together in a match with Eric Cage, and "Mean Streak" Mike Dempsey gets a load off his mind concerning the Canadian title picture. What's more, "Big Cat" Scott Henson, Sasha St.Claire and the VBW Champion "The GOAT" James Blade are all in the VBW arena and ready for action!

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