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Season 3, Episode 10: Yardstock

Original air date: June 2, 2015

Yardstock is finally here! This is the biggest show in VBW history. 111-minutes of pure action as an entire season of turmoil and rivalries has all led to this point.

"Ice Cold" Eddie Allen takes on "The Architect" Christopher Blaze where Eddie Allen can only be considered a huge underdog.

"Mean Streak" Mike Dempsey and Mini-G put it all on the line as they battle for the vacant Canadian title.

"The Undeniable One" Eric Cage squares off against "Big Cat" Scott Henson in a match of pure strength and power. These two big men collide and the winner claims the VBW "Golden Ticket", good for a title shot at any time, against any VBW Champion.

"The Dream" Jimmy Dean challenges "The GOAT" James Blade for the VBW World Championship, a culmination of the entire season of hatred these two men have had for one another.

Plus, Big Mofo Rob is inducted into the VBW Hall of Fame, and much, much more!

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